Bigger Badder Best

Biggest Baddest Best Banquet

Congratulations to our Biggest Baddest Best of McGrath Automotive Group this past year! Twenty McGrath employees qualified to become BBB members this year, which is the most in our company’s history! The winners were congratulated with a recognition banquet on Wednesday, December, 15th at the Kirkwood Hotel.

In order to qualify, the individual must generate a pre-determined amount of vehicle sales on a consistent basis and they are able to hit different award levels throughout the year. For 2010, we had nearly a 400% increase in the amount of members compared to 2009 and there were some tremendous individual accomplishments among those members.

2010 BBB winners:
Brent O’Donnell – Chevyland Used Car Sales
Rick Miller – Chevyland Used Car Sales
John Baker – Chevyland New Car Sales
John Travis – Chevyland New Car Sales
Brian Caston – Chevyland New Car Sales
Mike Malloy – Chevyland New Car Sales
Tony Hobel – Chevyland Start Credit Sales
Lindsey Butterfield – Chevlyand Internet Sales
Jordan Gaul – Chevyland Internet Sales
Matt Sommerlot – Chevyland Internet Sales
Rob Otto – Westdale Used Car Sales
Scott Ackerman – Westdale Used Car Sales
Austin Schug – Westdale Used Car Sales
Jake Thomson – Westdale Used Car Sales
Mike Tucker – Dodge Country New/Used Car Sales
Ken Hill – Dodge Country New/Used Car Sales
Jeff Webster – Dodge Country New/Used Car Sales
Dan Hartman – Dodge Country New/Used Car Sales
Annette Covington – Dodge Country New/Used Car Sales
Andy Schueler – Marion Used Car Sales

Congratulations again to all our winners! McGrath Auto would not be where we are today without these 20 people, as well as the rest of our dedicated staff. We are truly lucky to have some of the best people in the business!

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